The Seven Commandmends

The Seven Commandmends of Sparklenism

And Princess Sparkle spoke all these words, saying, I am the LORD thy God, and I wish you all to follow these rules :


-Sparkle is your ruling Princess and Teacher, you shall not follow any orders or teachings that contradict hers or that you feel deep within your heart she would judge to be wrong.

-You shall be honest in all words and deeds.

-You shall be kind towards all creatures and not cause any unnecessary harm or be rude.

-You shall spread laughter in the world and be cheerful if possible.

-You shall be generous in all things and share with those in need your time and possessions.

-You shall be loyal to your friends and all those you feel deserving of your loyalty, even in hard times, as long as doing so does not contradict Princess Sparkles teachings.

-You shall seek and find the magic of the crystal power and the friendship that comes with it, and honour it.