Short about Sparklenism

There is no scholarly consensus over what precisely constitutes a religion. It may be defined as a cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, world views, texts, sanctified places, prophesies, ethics, or organizations, that relate humanity to the supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual.

Sparklenism is a panentheistic religion founded from the teachings of Princess Sparkle and the successive Unicorn fillies.

It is one of the smalest organized religions in the world known today.

It is based on the stories from Filly Funtasia and the deep believes beyond.

Filly Funtasia is only used as a “carrier” of the holy message of Princess Sparkle, to bring it in to our lives in a some more understandable way.

“The path of the friendly person is beset on all sides by the hate of the unhappy and the tyranny of abusive people. Blessed is the person who, in the name of harmony, shepherds the untaught through the valley of loneliness, for that person is truly their friends keeper and the finder of lost happiness. 

And Prinsess Sparkle will teach down upon thee with great forgiveness and bright hope, those who attempt to bully and hate her pupils. And you will know her name is the Princess when she lies her friendship upon thee.”

Sparkles Prayer

Princess Sparkle in Iridia, Hallowed be your crystals, Your kingdom come, Your Magic be done, On earth as in Chrystalia.

Give us today our daily Hay.* Forgive us our hate, As we forgive our haters. Let us not reject your lessons And deliver us from Wranglum.

“For the Friendship and the Magic and the Crystals are yours, now and forever”


*There are different Versions of this verse. Some claim it originally read: “Give us today our daily Chrystal”, many also replace “Hay” with “Muffin”. Some claim the term “Hay” to be too ponycentric, even going as far as calling it speciophobic, as it is just a stereotype.  However, I believe Hay is just the humble ponies plainest meal, and should what ponies eat not be good enough for us as well ? Therefore everypony should just pray whatever it wants. If you want a truly diplomatic solution, just use “meal”.

How to join

How to join and practice Sparklenism

Very simple, just follow the seven commandments in your every day life.

You can if you wish and are a deep believer Sparklenist, put up a small altar, a holy place with some pictures and maybe a small sculpture of your princess in your home. Just use your Funtasia.

Or even simpler, just a picture in your wallet or on your phone. If you think it´s too much, then just think and behave in a kind way in every daily situation.

The Seven Commandmends

The Seven Commandmends of Sparklenism

And Princess Sparkle spoke all these words, saying, I am the LORD thy God, and I wish you all to follow these rules :


-Sparkle is your ruling Princess and Teacher, you shall not follow any orders or teachings that contradict hers or that you feel deep within your heart she would judge to be wrong.

-You shall be honest in all words and deeds.

-You shall be kind towards all creatures and not cause any unnecessary harm or be rude.

-You shall spread laughter in the world and be cheerful if possible.

-You shall be generous in all things and share with those in need your time and possessions.

-You shall be loyal to your friends and all those you feel deserving of your loyalty, even in hard times, as long as doing so does not contradict Princess Sparkles teachings.

-You shall seek and find the magic of the crystal power and the friendship that comes with it, and honour it.